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Vojtěšská 18, Praha 1, 110 00

At the invitation to tenders without sketch fees not reflect.
An exception to this charity campaigns, which are assessed
individually based on the sent assignment.
Thank you for your understanding.

Advertising agencies

  • Aver
  • FG Forest
  • Oh, Deer
  • Onyx
  • Sitcon media
  • Wunderman

Clients - selection

  • Baroque
  • Building SP
  • Cekr CZ
  • Groove days
  • Kavalerie coffee
  • KR kompozity
  • Simonovska
  • Supraphon
  • Vinograf


Currently the studio engaged in majority-creating corporate identities, websites and campaigns. Portfolio work is only a sample section of orders, because not all of the work to be able to publish as much as I'd imagined.

Fair trade design

The aim of the manifest's principles of "fair trade". Especially discouragement practices such tenders without sketch fees or the non co-authorship of third parties. If at first the authority in the perception of the direction of the job are not in compliance, I refuse to work on the project.

Beautiful vs. functional

Each project is analyzed and the idea and created based on knowledge, not conjecture. The result of this work is a good design or idea. Between appearance and function to try to find consistency, but if it is necessary to choose, then I choose the function because of the beautiful chairs that are not fit to be useless...


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